Got Questions?

We’re here to help. We love Twists and Twirls™ and our team of product testers are here to help you with any questions you might have.

1What is Twists & Twirls?

Twists and Twirls is an exciting hair twist with charm collection that allows girls 3+ to create fun and fashionable hair styles and jewellery items – all with the one product!

2How many Twists with Charms can I collect, create and swap for fun?

There are 53 to collect in popular Adventures, Yummies, Creatures and Expression themes. Look out for our extensive collection of Twists & Twirls charms in great colours and styles

3Are Twists & Twirls available in different colours and styles?

Yes. You can match twist colours with charms for you to collect, create and swap to express yourself in many fun ways

4Can I cut them to size?

Twists and Twirls are easy to use, can be cut to size and suit all hair types and lengths

5My Twists have a bend in them when I take them out of the pack, is this a problem?

No. Hair Twists are soft to the touch and they do bend back to shape in time, even when you play with them.

6How can I use my Twists & Twirls?

View the Twists and Twirls video page for exciting ways to use Twists and Twirls

7Where can I buy them?

Twists and Twirls are available at a range of leading toy departments. visit our Stockist page for more information

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